Our Story

Kara and Melissa met their first day of design school at  Humber College in 2011 and soon became friends. They soon learned they collaborated on projects very well and together bring varying strengths to the table.  After graduating from the Interior Decorating program the only logical step for Kara and Melissa was to continue their design collaboration and open their own fully functioning design firm in 2013,  SMITH & CLARKE Interiors.  Since its foundation, SMITH & CLARKE Interiors has developed design concepts for both the residential and commercial markets, priding themselves on creating functional environments that reflect their client's  individual needs and personalities, all while infusing their own designer flair into the mix.  Kara specializes in space planning and hard finish selection.  She is very detail oriented when it comes to the construction aspects of a project.  Melissa's expertise lies in creative concept design, fabric and textile selection and adding those finishing decorative touches to a space.  With their varying strengths combined Kara and Melissa are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to designing any space to its full potential.

Kara and Melissa continue to grow their client base with innovative ideas and strong work ethic. 

Kara Smith
Principal Designer

Kara Smith is a wife and mother of two.  Her passion for design started when she bought her first home almost 20 years ago.  The need to transform this fixer-upper allowed her to display her design and decorating skills. Several years later, she bought another fixer-upper and started the design and decorating process again.  After a long career in the public sector, Kara left to pursue her passion for decorating and design.  Kara graduated from Humber College's Interior Decorating program in 2013 and had a very successful time as a student.  She received the prestigious Merit Award in 2012 and was the recipient of the President's Letter for obtaining the highest grade point average in her program.  Kara strives to achieve the best results in everything she does.

Melissa Clarke
Principal Designer

Melissa Clarke is a graduate of the Interior Decorating program at Humber College who had a successful career as a student.  She won the Kravet Canada Interior Decorating Award in 2012 and took First Place in the Brand Felt Vessel Competition as judged by her peers and industry leaders.  Melissa has always had a passion for interiors and making environments beautiful and personal and it was this passion that led her to leave her career with the Federal Government to pursue a career in design and has not looked back since.  Ultimately she would love to combine her background in Psychology with her love for interiors and help others to heal through changing their environments.  She believes that your environment is a mirror of yourself and should reflect your interests, values, personality and spirit.